Europe will need to scale up energy efficiency to reach target, reports find

May 27, 2016
Can more focused industrial energy efficiency policy help the European Commission reach its 2020 targets?

Energy efficiency policies in Europe have made considerable progress, according to a suite of new reports from the Energy Efficiency Watch. However, more effort will be required to reach the European Union’s 2020 target of cutting projected energy use by 20 percent, they warned.

IIP stresses that these goals could be more easily realized if more is done to improve the energy efficiency of industry, which in Europe accounted for 25.1 percent of total energy end use in 2013, according to the European Commission.  

The Energy Efficiency Watch reports, released this week, look at the progress of different countries across Europe and highlight several excellent energy efficiency policies, one of which is Ireland’s Large Industry Energy Network (LIEN), an exemplar program focused on industrial energy efficiency.

The new publications have been posted on IIP energy efficiency resources database (see the links below), or you can find them on Energy Efficiency Watch’s website: