July webinar on the future of energy efficiency finance in China

July 30, 2013
, , 9.00 am EDT; 3.00 pm CET; 6:30 pm India

This webinar – the second in a series by the Institute for Industrial Productivity (IIP) and the Clean Energy Solutions Center (CESC) – will look at the Chinese government’s plan for facilitating financing for industrial energy efficiency. It will also explore how the Chinese financial system is evolving to meet those requirements, with the resulting innovations seemingly destined to become global best practices.

Through a bold and focused plan, China was able to confound skeptics, cutting its energy intensity by almost 20 percent between 2006 and 2010. That success was primarily the outcome of the “Top-1,000 Program,” which focused on the country’s largest 1,000 enterprises. Most of them had ready access to finance. But now, with the “Top-10,000 Program” in place, many of the next 15,000 industrial enterprises will not have the same luxury. So how will this diverse industrial base secure the necessary finance for meeting nationally-mandated energy-intensity reduction goals? Will the financing innovations of Chinese banks be sufficient?

For the top 1,000 enterprises affected by the previous 11th Five Year Plan, financing was not an issue. The focus was on energy efficiency upgrades and closing obsolete facilities, and the enormous state-owned enterprises were able to execute these projects with funds from retained earnings, or by securing financing as preferred clients of Chinese banks. The 15,000 industrial companies affected by the 12th Five Year Plan’s 16 percent energy intensity reduction goal for 2011-2015 have very different constraints. They are not all mammoth, nor state-owned, nor necessarily, preferred bank clients.

The webinar will discuss the issues and the possible solutions. It will include a snapshot of the industrial energy efficiency financing landscape at the beginning of the 12th Five Year Plan as well as a panel discussion.

The panel will be moderated by Patrick D’Addario, IIP’s Senior Advisor for Financial Products. Presenters are Tom Dreessen, the CEO of EEPIC; Bob Taylor, Principal at Energy Pathways LLC and former World Bank Energy Sector Leader of the East Asia and Pacific Region; and Dr. Dilip Limaye, President and CEO of SRC Global Inc. and Senior Advisor to the World Bank.

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2013 webinar series

This webinar was part of a series being organized by both the Institute for Industrial Productivity (IIP) and the Clean Energy Solutions Center (CESC). Upcoming webinars will be posted on our website.