IIP-India Joins National Taskforce on Co-processing

October 14, 2014

India’s cement industry is set to become greener through the creation of a new national taskforce for co-processing waste.

This initiative, taken up by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) of the Government of India, will create an enabling environment to promote the use of alternate fuels and raw materials (AFR) in India’s cement industry.  

IIP-India’s Director, Somnath Bhattacharjee says the creation of the taskforce is a major policy win that will help mainstream AFR use in Indian cement production.

“The Indian cement industry has made significant improvements to its energy efficiency and productivity in recent years. However, the use of AFR as an energy source and resource remains extremely low, despite its enormous potential. We hope that the taskforce will help catalyse the use of AFR in cement production,” he says.

Specific initiatives under the terms of reference for the taskforce include developing emissions standards for co-processing, enhancing waste use, research and development, and organizing industry workshops.

The taskforce comprises high-level membership from regulators, ministries and major cement companies. IIP-India’s invitation follows from its work on creating a forum of regulators for AFR use in cement production which was instrumental in recommending key policy and regulatory guidelines for promoting AFR in India.