Suzhou Energy Efficiency Supply Chain Project

The Institute for Industrial Productivity, together with the China Chain Store and Franchise Association (CCFA) and Azure International Technology and Development (Beijing) Ltd. recognize the important role of supply chains in improving industrial energy efficiency, and have agreed to partner on a strategy and action plan to engage big buyers in the Suzhou Energy Efficiency Star Program.

This program rates participating companies on energy efficiency, and provides training and support to increase efficiency. Initially the scheme focused on engaging local manufacturers in participating in the star rating, but the focus has now been elevated to seek the interest of international buyers, for companies such as H&M, Gap, Intel, Walmart and IKEA who have suppliers in the Jiangsu area. This is in response to limited visibility to, and interest from, buyers to date.

Throughout 2012 a series of workshops have been held to engage international and local buyers to have them recognize the Suzhou EE star label in their purchasing decisions and policies. IIP has also prepared a scoping study. The partnership seeks the involvement of industry associations, NGOs, big buyers, and manufacturing enterprises for scaling up the Suzhou Energy Efficiency Labeling Program.

A successful supply chain energy efficiency pilot in Suzhou would also create best practice information to scale-up efforts in other sectors and regions in China.

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