Sharing Energy Efficiency Policy Experience for Key Energy-Consuming Enterprises Workshop in Beijing

February 20, 2012
, Beijing
Implementing the Top 10,000 Enterprise Program

To facilitate best practice sharing for the implementation of the Top 10,000 Enterprise Program, the Institute for Industrial Productivity co-organized a workshop in collaboration with the China Energy Conservation Association, the China Sustainable Energy Program (Energy Foundation) and the Energy Research Institute (ERI). The workshop convened Chinese policy-makers and international experts. International experts presented different policy approaches that have been (or are currently being) implemented in Australia and in the US, and discussed with Chinese policymakers and think tanks what and how these approaches might be helpful for China.

While the design of the Top-10,000 program has been outlined, details for its implementation will be the subject of much discussion in the coming months. Key questions include: what type of technical support for enterprises is the most appropriate? How can the government play an effective role in monitoring and verifying the results? Is there a role for market-based mechanisms?

Materials from the conference

The Presentations from the Speakers


In support of this workshop and in the interest of sharing best practice among policymakers, IIP has recently released a background paper titled “Insights into Energy Efficiency Policy Packages” and its Industrial Energy Efficiency Database.