Our Work in China

IIP promotes standards and programs to integrate energy productivity into fast-expanding Chinese industry.

Industry in China

  • Since 2000, China has doubled its industrial energy consumption (IEA, 2012)
  • Energy demand in China is dominated by the iron and steel and cement sectors, with over 50% of primary industrial energy consumption and have the largest energy reduction potential to 2030 (LBNL, 2011)

With the rapid industrialization of China, it is critical that new industrial facilities be designed to energy efficient standards, and existing plants be retrofitted.

IIP initiatives are helping Chinese industry to achieve specific near-term energy efficiency targets that also underpin China’s goal of long-term green development, and the world’s need for environmental sustainability.


Through a coordinated effort of targeted research and collaborative initiatives, IIP provides policy insight and technical support to strengthen local economies and industries in China.

In partnership with the China National Standardization Institute (CNIS), the Shanxi provincial government, the Center for Industrial energy Efficiency (CIEE), and the China Sustainable Energy Program (CSEP), IIP catalyzes deployment of Energy Management Systems (EnMS), develops energy management implementation plans and sector-specific guidelines, and establishes monitoring and verification regimes.  

Through expert workshops, IIP provides ongoing technical support to CNIS to develop Chinese Energy Systems Optimization (ESO) guidelines for iron and steel and refineries.  


As an independent organization, IIP is well-placed to convene stakeholders in business, government and NGO communities to build greater shared understanding of the industrial energy policies, technologies and financial incentives that have most impact.

Led by our team of experts in China, IIP partnerships at the national, provincial, municipal and county levels, are providing the government and companies operating in China with insights to develop effective strategies for energy resources in sectors such as iron and steel, coal washing, coke and cement.

China’s coal consumption cap

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is working on a major policy research effort to develop a coal consumption cap analysis and strategy that will enable

Energy efficiency and air pollution control

China’s efforts to address its serious air pollution offer the country the perfect opportunity to simultaneously cut its energy intensity.




In 2015, IIP worked with three energy-intensive factories in Yunnan Province, China, helping them to implement an energy management system and cut their energy use.


Wan Yang
China Country Director, Beijing
Zach Friedman
Kay Zhang
China Communications Consultant, Beijing
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