New findings on benefits of energy management systems

March 28, 2013

IIP has released a suite of new resources that show how energy management systems (EnMSs) can create significant savings for industry and how much they cost to implement.

St Marys Cement in Canada, for example, is saving around $750,000-1,000,000 in total operating costs per year following the implementation of the international EnMS standard ISO 50001. 3M’s Brockville plant in Canada also adopted ISO 50001, which resulted in a 15.2 percent energy performance improvement over two years. Their EnMSs provide a process of continuous energy management and performance improvement, allowing them to systematically track, analyze, and optimize their energy use.  

As a part of our investigation, we found that most EnMS implementation costs are internal and consist mainly of staff time and data collection costs. In North America, for example, EnMS implementation costs are about $30,000-60,000 per year, and mostly comprise internal staff costs.  Certification costs are not included in this figure. Implementation costs during the first and second year are substantially higher than in subsequent years. In China, we believe the business cost of implementing EnMSs (excluding certification) is likely to be relatively low as the main expense – the assignment of an energy manager – is already required by the government. 

Also included in IIP’s new suite of materials are factsheets describing EnMS governmental programs in EU, US, China and Australia and the first-ever English translation of the Chinese Central Government’s official notice on EnMSs in the top 10,000 enterprises. Other documents about the Chinese government’s energy conservation programs detail how 17,000 enterprises must have an EnMS in place by 2015.

View the new resources and research on energy management systems.