New best practice information for pulp and paper

December 13, 2012

IIP’s Industrial Efficiency Technology Database (IETD) has been updated to include the world’s best energy efficiency practices for the pulp and paper industry.

It now provides descriptions of a wide range of energy efficient technologies used in the pulp and paper industry together with associated performance and cost data. Other highlights include key tools and management systems, publications, case studies, benchmarks and global statistics as well as lists of key organizations and programs that can help improve energy efficiency.

The new section of the IETD will be particularly useful for industrialists, industry associations, policymakers and financiers who want information about the best available energy efficiency technologies for the manufacture of pulp and paper.

The IETD already includes best practice information on cement, iron and steel manufacturing and motor systems, which has been used extensively by industry in the development of energy management programs.

IIP would like to acknowledge Fraunhofer ISI and Markku Karlsson for their invaluable contributions to the pulp and paper section of the database.

View the new information on pulp and paper.

View the Industrial Efficiency Technology Database.