Mapping our achievements

May 6, 2015
IIP publishes its 2014 annual report

2014 has proven to be a busy and productive year for IIP. In total, we took part in fourteen initiatives that straddled the US, China and India as well as more further afield.

Highlights, which are all documented in our 2014 annual report, included:

IIP’s best practices databases, which now get over 18,000 visitors per month from countries all over the world;

the India team's selection to support India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency on a knowledge exchange platform that will help industry achieve energy-savings targets;

the China team showing several commercial banks the value of investing in industrial energy efficiency projects; and

IIP playing an active role in promoting industrial energy efficiency and combined heat and power as compliance mechanisms for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan in the US.

IIP’s Executive Director, Jigar V. Shah says: “In 2014, our strategy, coupled with a host of demonstrated impacts and smart public-private partnerships, have cemented IIP’s role as the leading global organization in industrial energy efficiency. Our new theme in 2015 will be on the role of industry in forging greener cities."

Read more about our 2014 projects, and our new efforts, in our annual report.

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