Joining the Green Industry Platform

October 3, 2013

IIP is calling for NGOS, policymakers and industrial enterprises to join the Green Industry Platform, a new global high-level, multi-stakeholder partnership designed to drive the growth of green industry around the world.

IIP became a member of the UNIDO-operated platform in September, joining other green industry experts, including Microsoft, the Danish Chamber of Commerce, the Global Green Growth Institute, the Wuppertal Institute and the European Commission Environment Directorate-General, among others.

IIP’s Executive Director, Jigar V. Shah, says the initiative can only be strengthened by the input, commitment and energy of its members, who are invited to share their knowledge and expertise on all aspects of green industry on the platform, including on economic development, policy development and resource use.

“The Green Industry Platform offers a forum for governments and organizations to come together and improve outcomes for green industry, a necessity in today’s complex and resource-constrained world. We have joined because we know that the current barriers to a burgeoning green industry can be overcome with the right approach, commitment and investment. To us that means the hands of many, not the voice of one. We hope the platform will help enable us to jointly work together to remove some of the barriers standing in the way,” Mr Shah said.

The Green Industry Platform provides a framework where signatory organizations can make tools available for developing road maps to integrate green industry policies and practices in organizational strategies and business plans, share and profile best practices, and drive forward technological development, application and innovation. It also links together existing data resource bases.

For more information, please see the Green Industry Platform website: