IIP presents at UNIDO meeting on Partnership for Efficient Resource Management

April 16, 2014
, New York

Executive Director Jigar Shah gave a presentation on IIP’s work on alternate fuel and raw material use in India’s cement sector at a United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) meeting this month.

The purpose of the UNIDO meeting, which was held in New York on 10 April 2014, was to look at how the global community can adopt more sustainable consumption and production patterns to ensure durable economic growth and achieve long-term inclusive and sustainable industrial development. It was attended by members of government, NGOs, and academia.

Jigar Shah presented a case study on the Indian cement industry, for which central and regional regulators, the Cement Manufacturers Association of India, cement companies, vendors and the Institute for Industrial Productivity are jointly working on an action plan to lower the use of coal through substitution with alternate fuels and raw materials. The target is to raise the level of substitution from the current level of 1 percent to 15 percent by 2020, with a significant reduction in GHG emissions.