IIP and EMCA held a roundtable on “Creating a Secondary Market for Energy Efficiency Project Finance” in Beijing

January 16, 2013
, Beijing
IIP co-organized a roundtable “Creating a Secondary Market for Energy Efficiency Project Finance in China” with EMCA’s ESCO Committee and over 20 participants.

In January, the Institute for Industrial Productivity (IIP) co-organized a roundtable “Creating a Secondary Market for Energy Efficiency Project Finance in China” with the China Energy Conservation Association (EMCA)’s energy service company (ESCO) Committee. The roundtable was held in Beijing‘s International Conference Center.

Among the more than 20 participants in the roundtable discussion were representatives of the Energy Research Institute (ERI) of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Institute of Energy Conservation, Hua Tai United Securities, Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. and a number of Energy Services Companies (ESCO).  There was considerable discussion of the current barriers to energy efficiency financing and consideration of new financial options for energy efficiency projects in China, such as capitalization of ESCOs through purchase of ESCO shared-savings contracts by possible bank-initiated equity funds or by potential issuers of EE savings-backed bonds.

Dr. Baiquan of ERI made a presentation of policy measures affecting energy efficiency finance in the 12th five-year plan. He also explained the key industry-related investment and financing programs available for energy efficiency projects under the plan.

Xu Peng, Director of Huatai United Securities, made a presentation on on Secondary Market Financing options.

Chen Shiping, Associate, Energy Transition Research Institute (ETRI) presented the conclusions of the paper he co-authored with  Dr. William Chandler, ETRI’s Research Director, for the European Council on an Energy Efficiency Finance Summer Workshop on Industrial Energy Efficiency on how to create a secondary market for energy efficiency project financing in China.

Jigar V. Shah, Executive Director of IIP, Patrick J. D’Addario, Financial Products Director of IIP and Dongmei Chen, Head of China Program of IIP also participated in the round-table meeting.