IIP discusses industrial productivity at the International Energy Agency's (IEA) Workshop on the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency

March 14, 2012
, Paris
The range of possible benefits of energy efficiency

The Institute for Industrial Productivity participated in IEA/SEAI workshop on Evaluating the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency, which was designed to give policy makers an overview of the range of possible benefits of energy efficiency. Industry experts with experience of several of the key possible benefits made presentations.

One of the experts invited to speak was IIP’s Policy and Programs Director, Julia Reinaud, who shared her presentation, Energy Efficiency & Industrial Productivity - Gaining through Saving. Julia argued that if we not only focus on energy savings but also non-energy benefits (NEBs) in calculations, whose benefits often exceed those of energy savings, then payback periods are reduced and investments are made more attractive to CEOs and board rooms.

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