Industrial GHG reduction policies around the world

August 5, 2013
Our latest suite of resources shows how differently governments are responding to the climate change challenge – depending on their energy profile, political structure, GDP or previous experience.

We investigated in detail the industrial GHG mitigation and energy efficiency policies in 14 countries and have now made them also available in a series of concise two-page factsheets so you can see exactly how they plan to tackle emissions.

The factsheets cover relevant policies for industry in South Africa, Sweden, US, UK, the Netherlands, Finland, China, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Russia, Canada, India and Germany. They provide information about each country’s energy profile and policies for industry. The factsheets offer a layered analysis, according to IIP’s unique “policy pyramid”, which shows the connections between various policies, measures and implementation tools.

If you find a particular policy you are interested in, you can then link directly to our Industrial Efficiency Policy Database for more detailed information, links and resources.