Energy management toolbox in development

December 16, 2013

IIP is partnering with the Global Superior Energy Performance Partnership (GSEP) on a toolbox to help industrial firms implement energy management systems (EnMS). 

The purpose of the toolbox is to help remove the barriers for firms, says Julia Reinaud, IIP’s Policy and Programs Director.

“More and more firms around the world are seeing the benefits of implementing an energy management system. Many companies have proven that these systems help them save money, save energy and be more productive. However, setting up an EnMS can seem complex. Our toolbox will help remove the obstacles and make it easier for firms to set up an EnMS that suits the size and scope of their operations,” she says.

The toolbox will include case studies, software tools, energy-saving calculators and methodologies, technology guidelines, links to training materials and other useful resources. It will be aimed at energy managers and technicians. The first version of the toolbox will be available in mid-2014. 

GSEP is a task group under the Clean Energy Ministerial, a global forum set up to facilitate the sharing of best practices for clean energy and promote related policies and programs.

For more information about this initiative, please see our factsheet.