Minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing energy consumption from industrial processes are among the most urgent and high-profile sustainability topics facing business today. When industrial companies undertake structured interventions that are able to exert significant leverage with their suppliers, the interventions can be an effective way to achieve energy and climate change goals among a number of disparate businesses and across national borders. These so-called “supply chain initiatives” (SCIs) can result in tangible benefits including cost savings, reduced exposure to climate-related risks, energy and GHG performance, and improvements in productivity, product quality and other co-benefits (e.g. water efficiency).

The report Promoting Energy Savings and GHG Mitigation through Industrial Supply Chain Initiatives explores the diverse range of approaches that buyers, such as Walmart, General Electric, BASF, or IKEA, are taking to influence their manufacturing and industrial suppliers in energy saving and GHG mitigation. From purchasing approaches and labeling to capacity building and implementation support, the paper discusses successful models and design features that could be leveraged by companies seeking to enhance productivity, competitiveness and environmental performance – not only for their own benefit but for their value chain partners as well. Download the Report.








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