Using the database

Starting at the Industrial Efficiency Programs Database (IEPrD) homepage you can straight away browse all available programs or instead use the search function to look for a specific program and/or filter the database. The search form allows you to search by supervising entity, program type or geographic location. Each program in the database is presented as a factsheet, which are also downloadable as PDFs.

The IEPrD presents a range of data on each of the selected programs, such as program information, implementation details, impacts and results of the program to date, as well as links to other useful information and resources that may be of interest.

Program Information:

This section provides a range of practical information for each particular program in the database. This includes such information as the program's objective, type and target group (e.g. sector specific). It also provides funding information as well as its operational status.


Implementation Details:

This section provides comprehensive detail on the program operating mechanism, what it offers industry and any energy management system that covered under the program. In addition, details are also provided on the program supervising and implementation bodies as well as any requirements.


Impacts and Results:

The impacts and results section of each program describes the various targets applicable to the program as well as any information available to date on savings achieved.


Other Useful Information:

To expand on the information given in the above program sections, a range of footnotes and reference links are provided at the end of each programs description. These provide considerable additional information and research possibilities.