Energy Efficiency Resource Acquisition Program Models in North America

This report investigates and compares the different types of institutional delivery models used by North American states and provinces to acquire energy efficiency as a predictable and reliable resource for meeting existing and future energy demands.

The report focuses on energy efficiency acquired through the provision of financial and technical assistance to the industrial sector, although the programs providing these services are almost always part of a larger effort serving all sectors.

Under these energy efficiency acquisition programs, utility companies acquire energy savings from industry, the residential sector or third parties that have helped implement energy efficiency solutions, with the money used to finance new energy efficiency initiatives. These programs have become a fixture of North American electricity and natural gas markets as they help postpone or eliminate the need for many expensive investments in new generation and transmission systems. They also ensure that retailers, government and administrators work together to drive investments in energy efficient practices and systems.

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Energy Management Programs for Industry

In 2011, IIP partnered with International Energy Agency on the report, Energy Management Programs for Industry. Energy management involves the systematic tracking, analysis and planning of energy use. For more than two decades, energy management programs have encouraged industry in certain countries to improve efficiency. Some programs are compulsory while others are voluntary, but they all feature procedures and practices to encourage better energy use in industry.

This report looks what can be learned from these programs, and presents a ten-step implementation guide for policy makers. It offers diverse approaches to fit the different frameworks and objectives of individual countries and industrial sectors. In-depth case studies show the importance of stakeholder consultation, pilot projects and evaluation, with one example illustrating how stakeholders such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) can support governments and industry.

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