The Industrial Efficiency Programs Database is among the Institute for Industrial Productivity's package of databases on technology, policy, financing and supply chain initiatives that are publicly available and offered free of charge, as part of our mandate to increase industrial energy productivity in energy-intensive sectors.

The Programs Database currently contains information about national level energy management programs in Australia, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, and the United States, as well as energy efficiency resource acquisition programs in North American states and provinces (British Columbia, Michigan, New York, Oregon, Ontario, Vermont and Wisconsin). The information provided focuses on describing in detail the operating mechanism of each program and what it offers to industry, in addition to a wide range of other useful information on the program’s background.

In particular, the Programs Database showcases the successful North American state and provincial energy efficiency resource acquisition programs (also called energy efficiency obligation programs) that have successfully delivered energy efficiency in industrial companies – either through utilities or mandated third parties. Many of the programs examined in this database were the first of their kind and have been emulated in other countries, states and regions.
 IIP will continue to update this database with other successful energy efficiency programs from around the world – particularly where they relate to energy management systems.

The information contained in the database is primarily compiled from a wide array of publicly available sources and published literature. In some cases, this information is supplemented by the knowledge and opinions of IIP's expert network.