Conference on Energy Systems Optimization (ESO)

October 17, 2011
, Beijing
Why ESO matters.

From October 17th through October 21st 2011, the China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) and the Energy Foundation sponsored a workshop on Industrial Energy Systems Optimization (ESO) with participation of Chinese industry representatives, the Institute for Industrial Productivity, and international experts. The goal of the workshop was to promote a discussion on ESO standards.

The focus on ESO in industry aims to go beyond the simple energy efficient equipment approach. The energy-using systems designed to support production may be relatively energy efficient under the initial production design conditions but become significantly less so as production patterns change. Evidence from implemented national and international programs shows that, while efficient components may bring about gains in the range of 2 to 5 per cent, systems optimization measures can attain average efficiency gains of 20 to 30 per cent with a payback period of less than two years.

China’s system of “standards” covers a broader range of definitive, methodologically robust guidance products. At this point, CNIS has begun work on four new standards on specific aspects of ESO application, including (i) two standards to guide enterprises in approaches and implementation means for improving energy system optimization in the iron and steel sector and in the petroleum refining sector, (ii) a guidance standard on how to evaluate energy system performance generally, and (iii) guidance on approach, performance and technical requirements for combined cooling, heating and power generation (CCHP) systems.

The Institute for Industrial Productivity's Executive Director, Jigar Shah made a presentation at the conference in which he explained why ESO matters.

Download the agenda here.

Download presentations from this event:

- International current situation and future outlook of the ESO technologies - Jigar V. Shah, IIP (download PDF)

- International progress in the study and application of the energy system performance evaluation methods, and the relevant problems and solutions - Vilnis Vesma, UK (download PDF)

- International best practices of ESO implementation in the iron & steel industry - Arvind Thekdi, USA (download PDF)

- Solution/suggestion to the key technical problems in developing standard - Arvind Thekdi, USA (download PDF)

- International best practices of ESO implementation in the oil refining industry - Vladimir Mahalec, Canada (download PDF)

- International Energy system performance evaluation application in the iron & steel industry - Arvind Thekdi, USA (download PDF)

- Steps to Developing ESO Standards - Ernst Worrell, Netherlands (download PDF)

- Iron and Steel Industry Benchmarking - Ernst Worrell, Netherlands (download PDF)