Technologies to cut energy use in ammonia industry

July 15, 2013
Research shows technology could play a vital role in helping the ammonia industry to significantly cut its energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. IIP has created a new database to help companies do just that.

IIP has added information on energy efficiency technologies and measures for ammonia production to its Industrial Efficiency Technology Database (IETD), with the aim of spurring widespread adoption.

The worldwide production of ammonia increased by 25 percent between 2000 and 2011. Associated energy use in 2004 was 5.6 EJ and accounted for around 5 percent of the industrial energy consumed. By adopting best available technologies, the ammonia industry could both decrease energy use by up to 25 percent and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30 percent.

IIP’s database provides descriptions of a wide range of energy efficient technologies and measures that are applicable to the ammonia industry together with associated performance and cost data. Other highlights include key process descriptions, tools and management systems, publications, benchmarks and global statistics as well as lists of key organizations that can help improve energy efficiency. The information will be particularly useful for industrialists, industry associations, policymakers and financiers.

Along with information on ammonia, the IETD also contains best practice information on cement, pulp and paper, glass, iron and steel manufacturing, and motor systems.

IIP would like to acknowledge the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development of Utrecht University and the Fertilizer Association of India for their invaluable contributions to the database.

View the information on ammonia on our database.

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