India Customized Assessment to Action (A2A) tool presented to the Fertilizer Association of India

September 4, 2012
, New Delhi
The newly customized A2A tool was presented to the Fertilizer Association of India IIP in New Delhi along with a two-day training program.

On 4th September, 2012, IIP presented the Assessment to Action (A2A) toolkit to the Technical Advisory Committee of the Fertilizer Association of India (FAI) in New Delhi. The A2A tool is a pre-audit tool that takes a benchmarking approach to help companies gain a better understanding of their energy consumption with a view to reduce their energy use and enhance competitiveness. At the meeting, FAI Committee members expressed their confidence in the usefulness of the tool, not only for a high-level energy efficiency assessment, but also for its potential to help fertilizer industries prioritize energy conservation opportunities and for training engineers. In order to familiarize the tool and demonstrate its use, IIP also organised a two-day training program at FAI for the industry and other service providers.

The meeting is part of IIP’s project “Customization of the Assessment to Action (A2A) tool for the Indian Fertilizer industry ”, which was initiated in India in 2011. The India initiative carries forward the learning from China, where IIP first developed and piloted this tool. As part of this initiative, the technical libraries of the tool were significantly improved and the tool was able to generate interest amongst the fertilizer units. Field testing of the customized toolkit was also carried out in two major fertilizer plants of India.  For more information on the project in India, please see