Turkey making efforts on energy efficiency policy

July 22, 2015
IIP’s industrial efficiency policy database extends its reach to Turkey

New information on our website reveals how Turkey’s government is targeting the industrial sector to cut the nation’s energy use.

Turkey’s industrial energy efficiency policies are detailed in our comprehensive policy database, dubbed the IEPD, which is available for free on our website. Turkey is the 15th country to feature in the database, joining countries such as China, Australia, Japan, Finland and India.

Our new information on Turkey shows how, over the past 5-10 years, the Turkish Government has made considerable advances in establishing a strong policy and legal framework to support the implementation of energy efficiency amongst industry.

Energy use in Turkey’s industrial sector accounts for one-third of the country’s total final energy use. Energy efficiency policies would therefore have a considerable impact on its fast-growing economy, which grew 5 percent between 2002 and 2012.

Turkey also imports three-quarters of its energy supply so increasing energy productivity has become one of the country’s main objectives to improve energy security, reduce pollution, and increase industry competitiveness.

The Turkish government has drafted a number of new energy efficiency laws and regulations with the goal of making Turkey a low energy-intensity country.

In 2012, the government’s Energy Efficiency Strategy established targets for all economic sectors. Then, as part of its Tenth Development Plan, an action plan for improving energy efficiency over the 2014-2018 period was introduced. This policy package requires large energy users to report their energy consumption, conduct energy efficiency audits, and establish an energy management unit. The package also establishes an Energy Efficiency Coordination Board and financial incentives to encourage investment in energy efficiency upgrades, and it extends training programs for SMEs and to increase the number of certified energy managers. While the country has made considerable efforts in developing a robust policy framework, a key focus for government agencies will be to improve administrative and institutional capacity for policy implementation.

For more information on Turkey’s efficiency policies, please see our database: http://iepd.iipnetwork.org/country/turkey