Applications for world-class energy management program are open!

November 17, 2015

Industrial companies are being offered a chance to participate in the US Department of Energy’s world-class Superior Energy Performance (SEP) program.

Participants stand to improve energy performance, reduce energy costs, and lower their carbon emissions. Facilities certified to SEP have achieved annual savings of $36,000 to $938,000 using no-cost or low-cost operational measures.

The program will involve a series of training workshops to be held in 2016 in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Energy management experts will train and coach company staff on ISO 50001 and SEP implementation to identify energy cost-saving opportunities. Companies will also receive international recognition for their commitment to energy efficiency through their ISO 50001 and SEP certifications.

Applications for the pilot program are due by December 7.

Company commitment

For each participating company, staff from up to three facilities will be trained. The company and facility management will need to commit personnel time and resources to attend trainings and implement an energy management system. Depending on site size and complexity, estimated internal staff time required to support adequate implementation of the energy management system is half- to full-time equivalent (multiple people) over the 18-month training period. Training costs will be shared between the company and the CEC, representing US$12,000 per company for up to three facilities enrolled in the same training location (DOE will waive these training costs for any selected companies that are DOE Better Plants partners). Certification costs for ISO 50001 and SEP will be the responsibility of the company (estimate of $10K to $20K per facility).

Selection criteria:

  • Strong senior-level commitment to energy management
  • Adoption of at least one certified management system (e.g., ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001) within the participating facilities
  • Desire to pursue ISO 50001 and SEP certification
  • Priority will be given to companies with participating facilities in all three countries: Canada, Mexico, and United States
  • Willingness to expand ISO 50001/SEP implementation to other North American or global facilities.