New tool will help industry reduce energy from process heating

August 20, 2015

Manufacturing plants can now improve the efficiency of their process-heating equipment with a new assessment tool and 10 free calculators.

The Process Heating Modeler Tool (PHMT) was developed by the US Department of Energy and IIP to enable users to perform a heat balance and therefore identify major areas of energy use. It consists of 10 energy flow calculators that allow users to quickly assess the magnitude of losses within their system, including from flue gas, the atmosphere, walls, openings, cooling, and more.

It was designed specifically for manufacturing plant personnel who are interested in improving process heating system efficiency in their facilities. The PHMT has the ability for multiple inputs – such as atmosphere flow rate, correction factors and furnace wall thickness – to improve its accuracy.

The PHMT builds on a similar tool that IIP and DOE developed in 2010