Advisory Group on Energy Systems Optimization Launched in China

October 31, 2012
, Beijing

Following a proposal by the Institute for Industrial Productivity (IIP) and the China National Institute for Standardization (CNIS), an Energy System Optimization (ESO) Advisory Group was launched in Beijing on October 31, 2012. The ESO Advisory Group has been established under the National Technical Committee 459 on Energy System of Standardization Administration of China.

The ESO Advisory Group aims to share latest ESO research achievements and expertise and support the development and rollout of two national ESO standards, which form part of the Chinese Government’s “100 Standards” Program.

 The group brings together experts from enterprises, research institutes, certification organizations, universities, NGOs and industry associations to contribute to the production, management, R&D and standardization of energy systems optimization.

At its first meeting, the group discussed the concept and definition of “energy system”, China’s national ESO standard, and the pilot implementation of the standard in the iron & steel industry. The group agreed upon items for further work, including on technical exchange, best practice dissemination, how to improve the standards, and key research and development needs.

The results of their discussions will be used to create ESO implementation guidelines for iron and steel production.

The first meeting was a great achievement for IIP China as six of the largest Chinese steel companies (Baosteel, Tan steel, Lei Steel, Ji Steel, Capital Steel and Tai Steel) participated in this event.