Energy Efficiency Champion named

August 6, 2015
, Buffalo, New York
Bruce Hedman wins award at ACEEE 2015 Summer Study event

We are thrilled to share the news that Bruce Hedman, our Technical Director, was named one of ACEEE’s four 2015 Champions of Energy Efficiency in Industry.

Bruce Hedman, who has been with IIP since 2013, has made a name for himself in energy efficiency circles with his research and reports on combined heat and power, waste heat to power, and industrial energy efficiency programs. This effort was recognized at ACEEE’s 2015 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry, which took place on August 4-6, 2015 in Buffalo, New York.

Of the award, ACEEE’s Associate Director for Research, R. Neal Elliott, said: “The selection committee had a difficult job selecting winners from over 60 worthy nominations, and your selection reflects the outstanding nature of your contribution to our field.”

Aside from collecting awards, four papers that IIP co-authored were presented at the Summer Study. Sarah Murphy of CDP presented on Action Exchange, a joint initiative that was developed to address the barriers faced by multinational corporations in encouraging their supply chain companies to become more energy efficient.  Sandy Glatt of the US Department of Energy presented our joint paper on smart manufacturing; and Colin Taylor, a consultant for IIP spoke about the price suppression impacts of energy efficiency programs. IIP Consultant Bob Taylor also gave a presentation, covering the IIP-China office’s work to assist local government organizations implement energy management systems in some of the country’s biggest industrial enterprises.

ACEEE Summer Study is one of the country’s premier energy efficiency events and covers the latest thinking on managing plant energy use, national energy policy and industrial energy efficiency program administration. For more information, go to