New study looks at which policies can drive up industrial energy efficiency

February 17, 2016

The European Commission Directorate-General Energy has issued the results of its study on industrial energy efficiency along with its policy recommendations.

The policy recommendations covered in the report include the mandatory implementation of energy management systems for large enterprises, mandatory sub-metering requirements, a mandatory requirement for large energy-intensive enterprises to have an energy manager, and the development of insurance for energy performance.

The report, Study on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Potential in Industry and on Possible Policy Mechanisms, was prepared by ICF Consulting Ltd under contract to the European Commission Directorate-General Energy.

The study evaluated eight energy-intensive industrial sector groups, and four tertiary sector groups. It includes a detailed, bottom-up modelling assessment of the energy consumption trends and energy-saving potential through 2050.

The report also provides detail on the barriers to industrial energy efficiency. These include economic barriers (hidden costs, additional risks), limiting organizational behaviors (energy efficiency seen as a low priority, imperfect evaluation criteria, low competency and awareness, inertia), and technical barriers.

For more information about this study, please see the European Commission Directorate-General Energy’s website.