China policies updated in policy database

July 22, 2015

China’s industrial energy efficiency policy package has been updated on our Industrial Efficiency Policy Database.

What’s new? Since our last policy update in 2013, we have included information about:

  • The Energy Development Plan of the 12th Five Year Plan. Released in January 2013, the Plan consolidates various energy policy priorities, including energy conservation, reducing the reliance on foreign energy supply, diversifying energy supply sources, and increasing international cooperation.
  • The revision of the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law, which is currently in draft form. It aims to improve the current law by providing specific details and mechanisms for enforcement, strengthening environmental protection responsibilities of the provincial and local authorities, and establishing an emission permit system.
  • A Guiding Statement on Overcapacity, which was released by China’s State Council in October 2013. It tackles China’s overcapacity issues in a number of industries, including iron and steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, flat glass, and shipbuilding.
  • The energy conservation and environmental protection industry, one of seven strategic new emerging industries supported by the national government.
  • The Boiler Action Plan, which aims to increase the share of high-efficiency coal-fired boilers from the current share of less than 5 percent in the market to a share of 40 percent by 2018.
  • Pilot programs on remanufactured products, which allow purchasers of remanufactured products to return used products and purchase remanufactured products at a reduced “exchange price.”
  • The Regulation on Energy Conservation Supervision. Released in January 2014, it aims to strengthen the supervision and enforcement of industrial energy conservation policies, regulations and standards that are implemented and enforced by provincial and local authorities.

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