New project with Chinese government to cut industrial energy use

August 30, 2013
, Dezhou
IIP’s latest collaboration with a Chinese government organization will help drive the adoption of energy management systems in some of the country’s biggest industrial enterprises.

In the above photo: Jigar Shah (IIP) and Wang Shiyan (ECSC) shake hands after signing the MOU

IIP has kicked off a new project with the Dezhou Energy Conservation and Supervision Center (ECSC) to drive the adoption of energy management systems in some of China’s biggest industrial enterprises. ECSC is the Chinese city government organization responsible for reducing energy use in Dezhou city in the Shandong Province, one of the country’s most industrialized areas.

The beginning of the project was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by both parties in Beijing, China on 27 August.

Through the partnership, 52 industrial enterprises based in Dezhou city in Shandong Province will receive assistance to adopt an energy management system (EnMS) by June 2014. EnMSs are widely considered to be one of the single-most important factors in reducing the energy use of industrial operations.

Wang Shiyan, the Director at Dezhou ECSC, said the Chinese government is promoting EnMS across China, and implementation has now started with the pilot in Dezhou.

“The Chinese government is determined to cut energy use across the country. If this scheme is successful, it will be rolled out in other cities in China. This could lead to huge cuts in energy use and GHG emissions countrywide,” he said.

Dongmei Chen, the Head of IIP’s China Program, said she hoped to see more and more countries taking a similar approach through their emissions reductions policies.

“While many countries have formally adopted standards for EnMSs through their national standardization bodies, far fewer have integrated them into mandatory or voluntary government energy-saving programs, like China has. We hope to see more and more governments around the world driving the corporate adoption of EnMS as part of their emissions reductions policies,” said Ms. Chen.

The project will include rolling out an EnMS toolbox, which will provide practical tools and measures as well as all the information enterprises need to implement a robust and successful EnMS.

Please see our database for more information about government policies and EnMS adoption in China.