Improving industrial energy efficiency will benefit China’s air quality, says report

December 16, 2015
New report from RAP and IIP highlights how policymakers can cut China’s coal use

The Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) and IIP have just released a new report to help equip China’s air regulators with the tools necessary to include clean energy and energy efficiency programs in their air quality plans. 

The report, Integrating Industrial Efficiency Measures into Air Quality Plans, includes an analysis of 84 industrial energy efficiency projects in China. The projects were found to have average on-site savings of 10-60 RMB (USD 1.54-9.27) per ton of coal saved and average off-site savings of 100-110 RMB (USD 15.45-16.99) per ton of coal saved. Additional societal benefits included public health benefits of 260 RMB (USD 40.16) per ton of coal avoided, make the savings even more economically attractive.  

A more detailed report and process templates are being developed to allow air officials to use the same “plug and play” process that they use for other control measures in their plans.