New Resources on AFR use in Indian Cement Industry

December 8, 2014
India’s Forum of Regulators has published a compendium of five white papers on alternate fuel and raw (AFR) material use in cement manufacture. The compendium is the outcome of the Forum’s work to promote AFR use in the Indian cement industry.

The five papers comprise:

  • An Amendment of the Hazardous Waste Management Rules 1989 to include co-processing in cement plants as a disposal option;
  • Preparation of technical guidelines for setting up environmentally-sound pre-processing facilities to prepare homogenous waste mixes suitable for co-processing in cement kilns;
  • Developing emission standards for co-processing AFR material in cement kilns, including hazardous wastes;
  • Increasing the use of fly ash generated by coal-based power plants and refuse-derived fuels in cement plants;
  • Developing guidelines for the transport and storage of hazardous waste.

IIP’s Executive Director Jigar V. Shah says: “Indian policymakers and the cement industry have put in a great deal of effort over the past few years in moving towards cleaner production methods. I am confident that together we will be able to make the future of the Indian cement industry environment-friendly and energy secure.”

Download the compendium from our website.