New CDP research reveals climate risk in supply chains

January 27, 2015

IIP’s partner on the Action Exchange program, CDP, has just released the findings from its annual supply chain report and the warnings are stark.

The report, “Supply Chain Sustainability Revealed: A Country Comparison”, found that there is a high level of climate risk in many key supply chains, and those in the US, China and Italy are particularly vulnerable. It also found that suppliers in India and Canada aren’t adequately managing climate risk.

The results were taken from the climate change data provided by 66 CDP member corporations, which collectively have a $1.3 trillion procurement spend, as well as almost 3400 of their suppliers.

While the report identified many areas of weakness, it did have some positive findings. Suppliers are becoming better at managing climate change risk by monitoring and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and becoming more energy efficient, it said.

Many of CDP’s supply chain members are cutting their emissions and energy use through Action Exchange, which provides a forum for change by promoting collaboration between major purchasers, suppliers and solutions providers.