Overcoming the barriers to energy efficiency policy

June 11, 2014

Manlio Valdés, President of Compressed Air Systems and Services Strategic Business Unit at Ingersoll Rand, and IIP’s Executive Director Jigar V. Shah share their ideas about major industrial energy efficiency policy barriers at the 2014 Energy Efficiency Global Forum.

What are the major policy barriers impeding industrial energy efficiency? And how can we remove them? That was the theme of a panel discussion that included IIP’s Jigar V. Shah and other key delegates at the seventh annual Energy Efficiency Global Forum. The forum took place on May 20-21 in Washington DC and was attended by nearly 500 delegates from 26 countries.

As part of discussions on these big policy questions, Jigar shared his ideas on engaging industry in countries where policymakers have had limited success. These ideas included linking energy efficiency campaigns to industries’ core business functions (e.g. production); working with all the major players within companies to ensure the greatest uptake of energy efficiency measures; and closely integrating energy efficiency with operations by monitoring results.

To create the environment to support these three key strategies, Jigar outlined several measures policymakers can undertake.

“One of the most important measures is encouraging strategic energy management programs – aka continuous improvement programs – that help build a culture for energy management in companies,” he says.

Other ideas included:

  • promoting transparency and disclosure;
  • encouraging companies to track their energy use through benchmarks;
  • promoting energy efficiency programs that focus on the entire supply chain; and
  • incentivizing utilities to play a cornerstone role in improving industrial energy efficiency.

The Energy Efficiency Global Forum is organized each year by Alliance to Save Energy as part of its efforts to promote energy efficiency worldwide.

On this year’s forum, Kateri Callahan, the President of Alliance to Save Energy, said in a communiqué: “Together we spurred action amongst public and private sector representatives, regardless of geographical or political diversity. I truly believe each EE Global attendee is up to the challenge of doubling energy productivity by 2030.”

For more information about this year’s forum, go to www.eeglobalforum.org